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"I have found that over the years of my existence, there are no real failures, just really hard and sometimes not so hard lessons to be learnt. I've noticed this in many aspects of my life, from my relationship with myself, to other relationships (professional and personal) to the universe reflecting the life I created and cultivated for myself.  I will admit, I feel like I only just recently found the light within a dark tunnel, and I mention this because living positively often doesn't begin from a positive place. We must experience hardships to truly appreciate what's on the other side.  Additionally, we must teach ourselves to find the greater good in the world we live in as it's SO easy to be surrounded and listen to negativity and allow ourselves to become consumed in it.  The way that I recently found my positive perspective on life is finding and understanding my true PURPOSE and being comfortable being my truest SELF. I did this with the help of a life coach who really helped me understand WHO I AM. When you have a clear direction and get focused on it, somehow miraculously things start to fall into place over time.  But that's not all, understanding who you are is a life long process and in order to do so, you must be kind to oneself, which I slowly started realising and changing my self talk from negative to positive, learning to have more patience with myself, treating myself, celebrating my accomplishments and reminding myself there is ROOM for everyone and their talents on this Earth.  Consequently, to ME living positively and having a positive perspective on life really comes down to having something to be grateful for every single day (it could be the SMALLEST thing like having a nose to smell the freshly cut grass), understanding and living my purpose and how it positively impacts the world and lastly, being kind to others, especially ourselves. " - Bryten


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