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3 P's

My positive perspective on life is there's no such thing as a bad day just unfortunate moments that try to determine the outcome of my day. Any test can be anchored through perception, persistence and patience (3P's).

Every test is either a challenge or threat: A challenge is foreseen whereas a threat is unforeseen.

Perception is always key. I'm a huge sports fan and my favorite athletes are able to perform so well because they train for unforeseen circumstances. One of my trainers constantly says, "We don't train to get it right, we train so we can't get it wrong."

Persistence means being consistent in putting in the necessary work and not letting go until I achieve my goal. Persistence is tunnel vision - having a positive disregard for the negative and not losing hope.

Neither perception or persistence are perfect without patience. The majority of the times I fell short were due to anxiousness. There are several times in life where I defeated myself by lacking persistence because I defaulted on being patient.

In all seasons, it's essential for me to follow the 3P's because these principles bring true positivity and are the essence of Good Vibes!

God Bless,

Christian Campbell


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